Style Guide

Conceived in New Zealand but created in Australia by Fiona Anderson, Ngati Fifi skirts –practical, functional, inspired, bold and most importantly wearable art skirts.

These skirts are quality, 100% cotton, wrap around, and reversible. There are two distinct styles. The original “Funskirt “ has a striking African wax print on one side, a handy side pocket then a formal black and white print on the reverse. The shorter “Skute” comes in mixed blue/black denim with a printed Ngati Fifi owl on the deep front pouch. Mixed Black and white prints or mixed African wax prints delight on the reverse side.

These skirts are adjustable for fat days with a sturdy system of six pairs of press-studs on a flattering, wide black, denim waistband. The waistband and domes can be adjusted in at least six different ways to create different looks, from Asymmetrical to Tradee.

They are available in a range of sizes, from “Small” to “Tall” ( we don’t use the nasty “L” word). If you don’t fit our size chart don’t worry “Taller” and “All Woman” sizes can be ordered on request.


Look… Straight – Domes all domed in line
Domes paired equally


Look.. Asymmetrical-Dropped Dome
Drop last dome down


Look… Tradee – Up and tuck waistband
Dome on bottom dome then, up and tuck waistband